from november 5 2021 to january 20, 2022

hour 4.00- 8.00 p.m. free entrance

LaToletta SpazioEventi can be found inside a completely new, highly original and unexpected site It represents the continuation of the cultural commitment that has always characterized the Toletta Bookshop: beginning from the decades in which the editorial proposal evolved from second-hand to remaindered books, and then, starting from 2004, with the Event Space of the San Marco bookshop that held daily alternations of a rich variety of presentations, cultural meetings, public debates, courses and exhibitions that were continued even after the expropriation of that space, both at the Venice Casino and in public and private spaces located within the historic city. The current intent is to give continuity to that commitment so that our city is not limited to being a temporary showcase of the ephemeral, but the seat of a continuous and fruitful dialogue based on the comparison and participation of all the cultural realities that still, tenaciously, resist the impoverishment of the social fabric of the city.
Giovanni Pelizzato, owner of the Toletta Bookshop, will be the organizing soul of the debates, presentation of volumes, meetings with authors and all other activities related to these purposes, while Michele Alassio is entrusted with the artistic direction of the exhibitions, exclusively dedicated to photography and graphic design - contemporary and otherwise - events which will follow each other in a rather full schedule and will be based on an international collaboration with leading authors and artists.
From a non-profit perspective, LaToletta SpazioEventi will annually publish a competition announcement for “absolute beginners” in the photographic field, called the Venice Photo Prize. Absolute beginners will be given the opportunity to hold their very first, personal exhibition completely free of charge.
All details of the competition are accessible at the appropriate link on this site.
In the hopes that the space can fulfill, over time, the purposes for which it was conceived, we invite everyone to join our mailing-list in order to be promptly informed of our planned activities.

Michele AlassioGiovanni Pelizzato